List of Biggest Shopping Mall in Metro Manila
1. Mall of Asia
This mall is the largest in the Philippines and the 7th biggest in the world. This mall also called MOA and is situated by the Manila Bay and has an outdoor walkway which is perfect for viewing sunsets and pyrotechnic displays. In this mall there are about 600 shops apart from the SM Foodcourt, Hypermart and Department Store. The Mall of Asia can also boast of the first IMAX Theater in the country and here you will get a taste of fantastic 3D film viewing. There is also a Director’s Club meant for small-group viewing, the Center Stage Cinema and a Premiere Cinema. These are used for theatrical performances and live music concerts which give a complete viewing experience to the customers. There is also the first Olympic–sized ice skating rink in the mall. MOA is the top mall in the Philippines because of the complete package that if offers – leisure, entertainment, shopping and viewing.
2. Mega Mall
Mega Mall is situated in the Ortigas Center, at the part encompassed by Mandaluyong city. This mall provides a great entertainment to the shoppers with its karaoke bars and huge arcade. It has 12 movie houses where you will definitely find something worth watching. The mall can boast of 5 floors and 2 wings of shops, boutiques and stalls which is surely a shoppers’ paradise. On its top floor is the Mega trade Hall. If you get tired of shopping, then you can always enter the ice skating rink and relax. This mall has a place for everybody, young or old.
3. Glorietta
This mall is located in the swanky part of Manila called Makati. In this mall, there is something for everyone. There are fancy restaurants, cinemas for movie-buffs, a couple of arcades and even a gym for the health conscious. There is an open circular atrium at the center of the mall which is a venue of exhibits, fashion shows, expos and concerts. Remember to hold on to your wallets if you plan to shop in this mall because you are sure to spend a lot of time here.
4. Greenbelt
This mall is located at the Ayala Center in Makati. It is more expensive as compared to other malls. Greenbelt is comprised of four different malls. Greenbelt 1 contains stores, cinemas, restaurants and the Onstage Theater. Greenbelt 2 is famous for fantastic dining restaurants which serve delicious Asian and European dishes. Greenbelt 3 can boast of restaurants and boutique shops and most importantly, great cinemas. Also one can get an incredible view of the Makati skyline from here. Greenbelt 4 is a place for those with costly tastes. Western tourists and foreign business executives are sighted here frequently because the mall is in the heart of Manila’s financial center.
5. Trinoma
Trinoma or the Triangle North of Manila is located in the Quezon City neighborhood of Manila. It is a huge shopping complex and is anchored by the Landmark department store where the prices are lower than other malls and also the selection range is higher. Trinoma was opened to the public in 2007, and is among the top places to visit in Metro Manila. The mall can take pride of fabulous architecture: a reverse waterfall, multi-layered terraces and a glowing façade which changes color. It also houses one of the best cinema halls in the country.
Bargain Shopping in the Philippines
People will swear by the great shopping in Europe or the US, when it comes to bargain finds, nothing beats Asia. In the Philippines, Manila is a place that every tourist should check out for amazing bargain finds. Here, you’ll find the latest fashionable clothes and accessories that will make girls come back for more. There are a lot of malls, bazaars (or tiangge, as known in the country) and markets that are simply overflowing with the hottest trends of the season, and you can go and stock up on shoes and bags without causing massive damage to your wallet.
Places to go for bargain shopping
1. Greenhills Shopping Center
Located within the affluent parts of San Juan, Manila, Greenhills is a favorite of many tourists, fashionable teens and yuppies, cool moms and celebrities. Here, you’ll find all sorts of things, from clothes, shoes, bags and luggage, watches, and accessories, to flowering plants, mobile phones, tablets, and handicrafts. This place is pretty much a one-stop-shop for everything you need. There’s even a grocery nearby, as well as local and international food chains and restaurants.
2. Divisoria
Compared to Greenhills, Divisoria is more chaotic, more crowded, and will prove to be a lot more confusing to those who aren’t used to the area. Divisoria is composed of streets and alleyways filled with merchandise, malls, and air-conditioned bazaars all together in the heart of Manila, near Chinatown. If you’re squeamish, unused to crowds, and can’t bear the idea of dodging small vehicles and horse-drawn carriages, then you probably won’t appreciate this place too much. But if you’re after a good bargain, then this is the place to be.
Shopping Tips:
  • When shopping for clothes, be aware that sizes tend to run small to fit smaller Asian frames, although that is changing as fast food is making waistlines bigger.
  • Few shoes larger than a size 10 are available. Cotton fabrics also tend not to be pre-washed, so they will shrink in the dryer.
  • Be sure to ask about the return policy before you buy. Most places will not give a refund unless the product is clearly defective. It is good to carry cash, because credit cards are not as widely accepted, and ask for any kind of receipt and keep it. It is your warranty for returns or exchanges.
  • Always carry cash with you in different denominations. Having smaller bills will help since most tiangge stall minders don’t have enough change for, say, a 1000 peso bill.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and slip on shoes, especially if you’re gonna be trying on clothes. Most tiangges don’t have a dressing room, and to try on clothes you’ll be asked to duck behind an opaque curtain to change. The saleslady who’ll be waiting on you will make sure that the curtain doesn’t accidentally fall down or open, so rest assured that you won’t be accidentally flashing anyone. Just be prepared to change in a real tight space though.
  • Be alert and aware of your surroundings. Pickpockets and snatchers could try to get your belongings. To be safe, don’t wear any jewelry, and carry your cash in a small sling bag. Wear the bag’s strap across your body, and keep the bag in front of your person at all times.